Born and raised in Oakville, ON.

SOULPEPPER 2019: Set & Costume Designer: Wedding at Aulis.

FOR SOULPEPPER: Sisters. Waiting for Godot, Vimy, Crawlspace, Cage.

OTHER THEATRE: Someone Between (Aspara Theatre); The Unending (Convergence Theatre); Hamlet, Julius Caesar (Canadian Stage); Imeneo, The Fatal Gaze, Last Days (Uo T Opera); The Assholes (Theatre Smith-Gilmour); Still (Binocular Theatre); Taking Care of Baby (The Storefront Theatre); SOS (Erika Batdorf); Much Ado About Nothing (Tarragon Theatre); M’dea Undone (Tapestry Opera).

OTHER: Graduate of York University 2013 (Toronto), Design Intern with Tarragon Theatre 2013-2014 (Toronto). Member of Associated Designers of Canada. Graduate of the Soulpepper Academy.