Time Commitment – 2 hours
Number of participants – 4-12

What is it?

Holding a mirror up to corporate nature. Soulpepper uses the UNESCO sanctioned method for change to dramatically identify the strengths and challenges facing a company’s workplace, and addressing potentially toxic elements.

What do we do during this workshop?

Soulpepper will connect with your HR team and create an interactive situation where up to 12 delegates observe a meeting between 2 employees of a fictional company that mirror the major behaviour concerns your company has identified. The observing delegates give their feedback about what they have identified as intolerable behaviors and offer suggestions to one of the employees to see if they can affect the toxic conversation. What they don’t know is that soon after restarting the scenario, the facilitator will rotate the delegates into the action to play the part and see if they can embody their suggestions. This has proven to be an entertaining and challenging way for your company’s leaders to practice their approaches to detoxifying their work relationships. This can be a stand-alone experience but it is also a perfect precursor to the Ignite Positive Change workshop that Soulpepper also offers.

Thank you for bringing it to life for our Executives. It was much appreciated.”

– Deborah M. Director, Telecommunications Sector


To learn more about details, costs, and availability, please contact: Corporate@Soulpepper.ca