Time Commitment – 2 hours
Number of participants – 2-12

What is it?

All employees have a conversation or an unproductive relationship they have been avoiding. Ignoring or working around the issue only adds to the frustration and toxicity in the workplace. Our coaching and practical preparation models give your company’s leaders the expertise and confidence to Ignite Positive Change in your organization.

What do we do during this workshop?

A half-day workshop will allow participants to identify, research and practice delivering a direct impactful message to stimulate powerful conversations that Ignite Positive Change. It can accommodate up to 12 delegates per day and take place in an environment that would provide a plenary room and 3 break-out rooms.

NOTE: A full day experience adds Corporate Culture Forum Theatre to the session. This has proven to be an entertaining and challenging way for corporate leaders to practice their approaches to detoxifying their work relationships.

Thank you so much… I feel like I’ve been banging my head on a wall and you just showed me a door to walk through instead.”

- K.T. Senior Manager, Not for Profit Sector

To learn more about details, costs, and availability, please contact: Corporate@Soulpepper.ca