VideoCabaret spectacularly conjures the era of Confederation in four tragicomic one-act plays, presented in two parts.

Scandal – Business barons compete to own the hottest technology – the railway lines – and Macdonald is caught trading contracts for donations. Member of Parliament Riel is prevented by fanatics from taking his seat; MP Laurier falls for his best friend’s wife.

Rebellion – Riel joins with Gabriel Dumont and Big Bear whose fight for land claims is met with military action and mass starvation. With Laurier protesting, Macdonald allows the execution of Riel, and the Last Spike is hammered.

Canada 150

Please Note: The theatre space is kept at a cooler temperature at the request of the performers. Patrons may wish to bring a sweater, shawl, or light jacket.

Photo: Michael Cooper

Approximate running time: 2 hour(s) . There will be one 15 minute intermission.

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