Part poetry slam, part house party – a coming of age story like no other. Born in the Northside, two Toronto girls grapple with womanhood and identity as they journey through their histories of ancient, contemporary, and Afro-futuristic soundscapes.  The traditional storyteller and drummer are reborn in the beats and rhymes of the B Girl and the DJ.

The boom-bap of rap,
the screech of rock,
the cycle of 12 bar blues,
the polyphony of freedom songs,
the abandon of disco,
the bounce of the club,
the rebellion of secret drums.... 

Note: This production contains strong language, haze and flashing lights.

Approximate running time: 75 minutes with no intermission.


In association with MotionLive and IFT Theatre, Oraltorio has been developed in part through The Collaborations at Canada's National Arts Centre. Oraltorio originally premiered as part of The RISER Project presented by Why Not Theatre.

MOTION and DJ L'Oqenz. Photo: Cesar Ghisilieri

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