Assistant Stage Manager


SOULPEPPER 2018: Apprentice Stage Manager: Peter Pan, Sisters. Stage Manager: After The Blackout (Soulpepper/RARE Theatre).

FOR SOULPEPPER: Peter Pan, Wildfire (Soulpepper/RARE Theatre).

OTHER THEATRE: Stage Manager: The Wager (Theatre Gargantua); Winners & Losers (Chromatic Theatre); Bright Lights, Big Plans (Theatre Brouhaha); Lukumi, Bleeders, Esu Crossing the Middle Passage (The Watah Theatre); Slip, Special Constables (Scapegoat Collective). Apprentice Stage Manager: Mixie & The Halfbreeds (fu-GEN Theatre); Amadeus (Talk is Free Theatre); The Student Prince; Los Gavilanes (Toronto Operetta Theatre).

OTHER: Attended Ryerson University for Theatre Production.