Assistant Director


SOULPEPPER 2019: The Black Drum.

Jack Volpe is a theatre and film director and actor who hails from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, with an Italian flavouring. He is proud to be in the linguistic-cultural minority of the Deaf community. Inspired by a love of films and creating stories, Jack uses physical comedy to induce laughter in audiences. Jack holds a degree in Film Production at Concordia University, Montreal (2009). He is the Co-founder and Artistic Director of Seeing Voices Montreal (SVM) (since 2012). Credits as actor: Segal Centre’s Tribes (2015), NAC’s A Christmas Carol (2016, 2017). Credits as director: SVM’s Deaf Snow White (2014), SVM’s The Little Mermaid (2015). Selected credits as Deaf theatre interpreter: NAC’s Twelfth Night (2016), Segal Centre’s What’s In a Name (2017), Reaching for Starlight (2019).