Olivia Shortt (Anishinaabe-irish from Nipissing First Nation) is a Tkarón:to-based saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist, composer, theatre artist and producer. Her work has brought her all over the world. She had her Lincoln Center debut playing with the International Contemporary Ensemble in New York City, performed in Atom Egoyan’s upcoming film ‘Guest of Honour’, and recorded an album two kilometres underground with her duo Stereoscope in the SnoLAB (Neutrino Lab in Sudbury, Canada). She is a member of The Velvet Crystals, Dialectica Saxophone Quartet, Stereoscope Sax Duo, and The Element Choir. She made her Australian debut in 2017 and has performed at the X Avant Festival with Dialectica as the opening act for Arcade Fire’s violinist Sarah Neufeld as well as numerous performances in The Element Choir with Polaris Prize Winner Tanya Tagaq.