Relaxed performances are intended specifically to be sensitive to and welcoming of patrons who may benefit from a more relaxed environment, including, but not limited to, those with autistic spectrum conditions, sensory and communication disorders, or learning disabled people. There is a more casual-than-usual approach to front-of-house etiquette and we ask all audience members to be aware of people's needs to move or make involuntary noise. The artistic excellence of the production and director’s vision remain unchanged.

Indicated performances will feature a less restrictive audience environment and experience, including, but not limited to, exit and re-entry to the theatre space, house lights remaining at a suitable level, adjusting the intensity of light and sound cues, allowing snacks into the theatre space, a quiet room being available for patrons, and an introduction of cast members prior to the performance.


Escaped Alone - Nov. 10 (2:00 PM)
Peter Pan - Dec. 15 (1:00 PM), Dec. 19 (1:00 PM)
Rose - Jan. 27 (1:30 PM), Feb. 2 (1:30 PM)


Relaxed Performances have grown out of work around autism-friendly cinema and theatre events. While this movement has its roots in the 1990s, its momentum has increased significantly in the past six years. In 2012 eight theatres in the UK worked together on the Relaxed Performance Project led by Include Arts, piloting Relaxed Performances across a number of venues. The popularity and scope of Relaxed Performances has grown, as has understanding about who benefits from them. They are no longer associated solely with children’s work or with specific conditions. Many established venues and performers are offering Relaxed Performances on a regular basis. The 2018/2019 season marks Soulpepper’s first time hosting Relaxed Performances in our venue and we commit to accepting feedback and learning more with each one.